SEW Peer to Peer Learning Programme

The SEW Peer to Peer Learning Programme provides a funded opportunity for younger CICs to spend a day of learning with more experienced CICs to discuss for example, business planning/organisational development; developing the ‘offer’ or enterprise; financial modelling; market development and marketing; social impact measurement etc.

Guest Blogger Wayne Blake, Director – Diversity Music Community 1st CIC* visits Aspire4U CIC**

Diversity Music Community 1st CIC is a synergetic collaboration of educators and professional musicians. Our aim is to create and provide music experiences that put the needs of the community first, enhancing lives through music interaction. As a result of teaching music in an educational environment for many years, it was noticeable that the therapeutic value and enjoyment of music was missing and mostly driven by targets and grades. This led us to start Diversity Music Community 1st CIC in order to expand and support the music intervention for both young and old who are vulnerable and at risk of being excluded from society.

We spent a couple of days with Managing Director, Kit from Aspire4U CIC in order to have a better insight into the general management of a Community Interest Company. Aspire4U CIC is a not for profit community engagement organisation based in Birmingham that uses the arts as a vehicle to steer mind-sets towards well-being, financial literacy and employability. They help young people, families, and communities to re-imagine their lives so they can create better futures, with their own ideas and perceptions taking the forefront of their work.

WOW! What can I say…Kit was great and true to his mission statement….to support communities to create better futures. We recently launched Diversity Music Community 1st CIC in April 2019 and greatly benefited from the visit to an organisation that is similarly serving the community. Overall we gained a better understanding of the following: 

  • Developing and implementing operational and legal procedures
  • Anticipating and negotiating potential barriers
  • A realistic approach to future sustainability
  • Mentoring/ assessment
  • Developing our enterprise

Seeing and understanding the business mechanism in operation particularly, has motivated us to develop and improve our business system.

Overall, we have made a great contact and are at the beginning of a developing relationship with a CIC that shares our mission and values. We believe that you can never stop learning or improving on what you already know. The opportunity to spend time with Kit and his team will prove to be valuable in the future.

Thanks to Kit and the team from Aspire4U and thanks to SEW and WVSC for the Peer Learning opportunity!

*Wayne Blake, Diversity Music Community 1st CIC: or

**Aspire4U CIC:



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