As part of the SEW project, there is a small amount of funding available for a limited time period only, to support peer to peer learning opportunities including for example:

  • business planning/organisational development
  • developing the ‘offer’ or enterprise
  • financial modelling
  • market development and marketing
  • social impact measurement

If there is a good practice organisation that you would like to visit and spend a day with the chief executive/manager/team to discuss any of the above, we would like to hear from you.

Before the visit, you must agree with the Host Organisation who you will see, when and where and broadly, what you will discuss, for example, business planning, financial modelling etc.

All visits must take place by Friday 15th November 2019.

We would allocate £250 to the Host Organisation for their time and expertise etc. and £250 to your Organisation for your time out, travel, expenses etc. Places are allocated on a case by case basis.

Following your visit and as part of the Peer to Peer Learning Funding Opportunity, we request that you write a Blog including, for example, the key learning points, the best part of the visit etc. The blog will be posted on the SEW website.

For an application form, please email:

Sharon Nanan-Sen, Voluntary and Community Sector Support Co-ordinator, Social Enterprise and Investment Adviser:


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