Social enterprise and investment is a route to long-term sustainability and resilience – it is something that all groups should consider no matter what stage they are at in their development and growth, so as to inform future business and funding plans.

Below are some recommended resources and sources of information on investment and social enterprise.

Please come and talk to us – we can talk through all of the different options available to you so that you make informed decisions for your business and project plans.

Contact Sharon Nanan-Sen, Social Enterprise and Investment Adviser on 01902 328982 or email:

Resources on Social Investment

The Good Finance website is a good place to learn about and navigate the world of social investment.  Here you can find out what social investment is, types of social investment and who the social investors are.  It has a good, quick diagnostic tool that will help you to identify if social investment is for you and some great resources on measuring social impact:

Social Enterprise UK has a simple, good social investment guide that walks you through social investment:

Support to Help Charities and Social Enterprises to Raise Investment

The Reach Fund is a grant programme that helps charities and social enterprises to raise investment. This fund is for organisations who need some extra support to raise investment e.g. governance, financial modelling or business planning. To access this fund you need to approach a social investor and then complete a diagnostic tool. If approved then you work with the social investor to develop a support plan:


Online Resources and Tools

The Key Fund’s online enterprise toolbox has lots of business support tools and resources as well as their latest news on social enterprise and social investment:

Big Society Capital has produced a resources map that has links to lots of useful resources on all aspects of developing a business:


Case Studies

Why re-invent the wheel? There are hundreds of great examples of charities and social enterprises that have used social investment to develop and grow their organisations. You can get some ideas for your business plans by looking at what other organisations have done. For example, see here:


FREE Peer Support

If you want to better understand the opportunities and risks of social enterprise and investment then you can access a FREE one-to-one mentor. See here for more information:


Social Enterprise News

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the Pioneers Post news – it has the latest and best news about the world of social enterprise and it is so well presented too:

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